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Millions of people have experienced the convenience of picking up their mobile phone, dialing up a request for a ride from one of the many ride-sharing services and ending up at their destination minutes later for roughly half the cost of a traditional taxi ride.

One wonders if those same people would be surprised at the fact that it is possible to do almost the same thing with a private jet. While it might not be practical or affordable for one person to use such a service, travel deals rapidly become both affordable and attractive for groups, especially if more than one group share an itinerary.

A Service for Every Need

There are companies making it possible for the average person to make use of accommodations aboard a private jet. The reason these companies are finding it possible to not only be successful, but grow in a market nobody would credibly believe even existed ten years ago, is because the price of private air charters is dropping precipitously.

Part of the reason for this competitive pricing is the proliferation of aircraft brands, but the lion’s share of the credit has to go to technology. Charter companies are able, with appropriately advanced data regarding aircraft availability, to know what routes are necessary but have no passengers. They are then able to sell those seats to both offset fuel costs and give their customers an option that isn’t all that much more than a first class ticket on a traditional carrier.

Optimized Travel

The same algorithms that make it possible to chart a route across town or across a state and end up with step by step instructions can be used to determine, down to a fraction of a cent, the cost of a flight from any origin and destination in the world. When combined with the right kind of customer-facing application, finding a couple dozen people who want to go where nobody else happens to be going can be trivial. Just ask those ride-sharing companies.

Ultimately, the vehicle itself matters far less than the dynamics of a particular trip. Some of the charter services even offer free flights to anyone who can fill up an aircraft with passengers, even if the trip is their idea. In a world where some celebrations happen in limos and others happen on cruise ships, it’s becoming more and more likely the non-millionaires will have a chance to fly in style.