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Due to the specificity of aviation, the area of study is only available at individual universities and colleges. While there are trade schools that offer certificate programs in aviation, degrees are more preferred in the U.S. It may also be more beneficial to obtain a degree rather than a certificate in the event that you are someday unable to pass a medical exam; an aviation degree would be a great resource to have to fall back on.

Once a student has determined their choice of study, it is time to begin searching colleges and universities, and it doesn’t take long into a google search to recognize the magnitude of options. Here are the most-notable aviation degrees in the U.S., in no particular order.

San Jose State University –  At SJSU, there is an entire department dedicated to aviation and technology which offers Bachelors of Science programs in aviation and industrial technology. Most notable about San Jose is its diverse courses, such as health technologies and product design.

Embry-riddle Aeronautical University –  Often touted as the “Harvard of the Skies,” this university is the largest and oldest university to offer aviation programs. The University boasts that more graduates are hired from ERAU by airlines than any other aviation university. Students in this school have a choice between 35 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Purdue University – Otherwise known as the “Cradle of Astronauts,” Purdue University has notoriety for a variety of things, the most prominent being their alumni Neil Armstrong. This traditional school offers four-year programs for both commercial and private pilots.

The Ohio State University –  Considered one of the best aviation colleges in the world, OSU has formed partnerships between prominent agencies in the industry to offer further growth and opportunity to their students. OSU owns a fleet of ten Cessna 172’s used for instrument pilot training, currency training and introductory flights and private pilot training.

University of North Dakota – Airport Management, Air Traffic Control, and Aviation Technology Management are just a few of the broad range of courses offered at UND. Each course includes mandatory flying classes, as well as more standard specialisms like aeronautics and business administration. Students enrolled at UND gain experience through the use of the schools 120 aircraft including helicopters, airplanes and unmanned aerial systems.