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Being an airplane pilot comes with its own set of perks. While most of the world may never know what goes on in the world of an airplane pilot, truly curious minds can read one pilots answer to the most common questions passengers have for their pilots.

Mark Vanhoenacker, a pilot for American British Airways, wrote the book Skyfaring to detail the ins and outs of flying commercial airplanes. Ready to dive head first into the world of airplane piloting? Read on.

Do Pilots Feel Guilty Cutting Through Security Lines?

Pilots typically have separate areas or lanes to board the plane. In the case that they do need to skip security lines, customers are usually good-natured about the whole situation. The sooner the pilot can make it to the plane, the sooner the airplane checks can be completed, and the faster the passengers can board.

Is Music Ever Played in the Cockpit?

During a flight, music is never played in the cockpit; pilots aren’t allowed to listen to music while they are flying. Sometimes, a commercial radio station may breakthrough on the radio, but otherwise, pilots can only listen to music when a flight is delayed and the plane is on the ground for a few hours.

Do Pilots Have to Remove Belligerent Passengers on a Regular Basis?

Pilots rarely ever have to remove passengers. However, if a passenger boards the plane feeling ill, some pilots have to make the difficult decision to remove them or keep them on. If the passenger’s situation gets worse, it will be difficult to get them to help if the plane is flying over a remote area or over the ocean.

What Do Pilots Do in a Medical Emergency?

As most flights typically 350 passengers aboard it isn’t unlikely that someone might feel unwell. While the cabin crew has some level of medical training, most crews have at least one member that has a medical background.

Why Do Pilots Use an iPad?

Recently, pilots started using iPads to store all of their flight maps. This iPad is a digital upgrade of the library that pilots used to keep in the cockpit. That library had several books with charts for the entire world. With the iPad, pilots can save on fuel by reducing the amount of weight inside the cockpit.

Though these are just a few answers to passengers’ most pressing questions, it does shed a little light on the world of airplane piloting. At least passengers now know the truth behind pilots and their iPads.