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People who fly will notice that once they land, they feel incredibly tired and lethargic. This happens even if the flight was long enough to have a nap. Have you ever wondered why flying makes you feel tired? There could be several factors at play.

Reduced Humidity
The air that is circulated into the airplane cabin is brought in from the outside atmosphere. The air that exists so high in the atmosphere is surprisingly void of moisture which means that the air you breathe during a long flight is dry. Dry air can cause you to develop dehydration. Dehydration causes lethargy and tiredness because it means that your blood volume has been reduced and isn’t providing necessary oxygen to your muscles and organs. The best way to combat this type of exhaustion is to drink plenty of water while in flight.

The same mechanism that causes fussy infants to fall asleep during a car ride also works on adults. While in an airplane, the large engines to either side of the plane cause massive vibrations to rumble through the cabin and into your body. Once the plane reaches cruising speeds, the engines are operating so quickly that the vibrations are too minimal to be noticed. These vibrations can work on your body for hours, causing fatigue and wearing down the strength in your muscles. Once you land, your body may feel weak and tired. You can recover from this type of fatigue temporarily by taking a walk to strengthen your muscles again, but only a good night of rest will fully restore your energy levels.

Flying is an activity that many people find stressful or even terrifying. There are many things about flying that can cause an untold amount of stress. Flight delays, ticket issues, TSA inspections, a missed flight, a crowded airport, and many other factors can contribute to your stress levels. Once you get on the plane, this stress can become coupled with flight anxiety. Both stress and anxiety have a devastating effect on your body and your mind. If you suffer from flight anxiety, you will most likely arrive at your destination feeling exhausted, drained, and out of sorts. A relaxing evening followed by a good night of rest is the best remedy for this type of tiredness.