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People often believe that all pilots do more or less the same job, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are a lot of different jobs for pilots out there beyond simply flying for a big airline. They all involve handling planes, but the details are all unique.

Leading Charter Flights

Being a pilot for a charter service is similar to being a pilot for a major airline, but there are crucial differences. A charter service provides flight services for specific trips rather than holding to a set schedule. That means the pilots often need to be available to fly at unusual hours. The flights also tend to be much shorter and carry fewer passengers than other flights. Those factors make flying for a charter service a very different experience than flying an big airliner, even though both of them focus on getting passengers where they need to go.

Hauling Banners

Most pilots carry passengers, but there are exceptions to every rule. A surprising number of pilots find work hauling banners in small planes, usually over beaches or sporting events. Most of the clients who hire these pilots use their services to advertise a business. That can be a good deal for them because a banner in the sky can reach a lot of people very quickly.

This type of job is often a good fit for people who prefer to avoid crowds. It can also be important to learn about local laws to stay out of trouble while doing this type of flying, so it also appeals to people who can handle a little bit of paperwork before they get into the air.

Teaching Students

It takes a lot of practice to fly safely. Budding pilots need to go through plenty of training and log a decent number of flight hours before they can head up on their own, which means there is a constant demand for trainers who can get them through the early stages. Many pilots find work as flight instructors, both for others who want to turn flying into a career and for private individuals who want to take it up as a hobby. This is a job that rewards people with good communication skills and a lot of patience for dealing with novices!