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What is Zulu Time and How is it Used in Aviation?

Time-keeping was invented by humans. In the past, timekeeping was as simple as checking the position of the sky. Then came sundials and finally, clocks. It was the advent of the railroads that necessitated developing and adopting a method of time-keeping that was...

Traveling During the Holidays

Wherever you’re heading this holiday season, if you’re traveling by air, expect some heavy traffic. But don’t let the long lines at the airport, overcrowded terminals, and overwhelming stress stand in your way of visiting family this year. I’ve gathered a few tips on...

Captain vs. Copilot

The roles of the captain and copilot are very much alike; they’re both in charge of keeping the plane in flight. As their titles may suggest, the captain bears the weight of more responsibilities than the copilot, even though they share many of the same duties...


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