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Pilot FAQs

Being an airplane pilot comes with its own set of perks. While most of the world may never know what goes on in the world of an airplane pilot, truly curious minds can read one pilots answer to the most common questions passengers have for their pilots. Mark...

Pilot Certifications

Exploring the various types of pilot certifications and licenses, Scott breaks down several of the most common types and everything you need to know.

Top Schools for Pilots

Due to the specificity of aviation, the area of study is only available at individual universities and colleges. While there are trade schools that offer certificate programs in aviation, degrees are more preferred in the U.S. It may also be more beneficial to obtain...

How to Become a Fighter Pilot

A fighter pilot is regarded as one of the most highly acknowledged and most desirable positions in the entire Air Force. It is reputably elite and requires a contending individual to possess an impressive academic record, level of physical fitness, health, and strong...