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Scott Beale Aviation



For nearly thirty years Scott Beale has been flying as a hobby. From the time that he was a child, Scott was interested in learning to fly. Both his father and his grandfather we private pilots. They introduced him to flying at a very young age, and he instantly fell in love with planes. Although he originally intended to pursue a career as a pilot, Scott instead decided to pursue a career in business in the aviation industry. Today Scott currently flies several times each week in addition to working in the aviation industry.

As of December 31, 2016, Scott Beale has flown 3,550 hours. His pilot ratings include a Multi-Engine Land Fixed Wing license with Commercial and Instrument ratings and Commercial Rotor Wing rating. One of the best things about being a pilot is taking friends and family up into the air to experience a private flight. While Scott has had many memorable flights both solo and with friends, his flights in Africa remain some of the most unforgettable. Scott’s current goal is to continue his pilot education and obtain several more aircraft and pilot ratings, including a Boeing 747 type rating and a Certified Pilot Instructor’s license.

The most challenging aspect of learning to fly is finding time to study. Scott Beale especially finds this issue difficult because he devotes a lot of time and energy to his career, and finding spare time is not always easy. When it comes to flying itself, the type of weather can be one of the most challenging factors of flight.

Scott Beale’s advice to people who want to learn to fly is to set aside a sufficient amount of time and money. Learning to be a pilot requires both. Plus, it’s important to use your aviation skills once you acquire them. Many nonprofits can use the help of pilots to transport patients or animals, for example. While some people fear flying, Scott is quick to point out that flying is statistically safer than driving in a car. As long as the pilot is properly trained, maintenance is taken care of by professionals, and the pilot takes the proper safety precautions, flying is a very safe form of travel.

Professional Overview

In 1995 Scott Beale graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Aviation Business Management. Soon after graduation, he began working at an aviation business in Atlanta, Georgia as general manager. Scott eventually purchased this company in 2000 and renamed it FlightWorks. During September 11, FlightWorks had aircraft in the air after all other commercial and business aircraft were grounded. The company was hired by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to transport bioterrorism experts to areas around the country.  

Today Scott works for Tempus Applied Solutions as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Corporate Development—a position he has held since 2015. As part of his work with the organization, Scott has participated in a variety of high-level operational initiatives. He is also responsible for developing a strategy that resulted in a 200% sales revenue growth in one year which totaled more than 60 million dollars of contracted revenue.